14.06.2011 - Red Rock (New South Wales / Australien)

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14.06.2011 - Red Rock (New South Wales / Australien)

Beitrag von Thomas Sävert » Dienstag 14. Juni 2011, 09:20

Hallo zusammen,

heute gab es diese Meldung von ABC:
Tornado hits NSW town

Updated 2 hours 16 minutes ago
Mini-tornado wreaks havoc in Red Rock

After a night of heavy rain, Red Rock residents say the mini-tornado hit as the sun rose this morning. (twitter.com/ClareDeligny)

Video: Red rock resident on tornado shock (ABC News)
Map: Red Rock 2456
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A small tornado has hit a small coastal town in northern New South Wales, as wild weather continues to batter the region.

Residents say the whirlwind hit Red Rock, north of Coffs Harbour, shortly before 7:00am (AEST).

The bowling club lost part of its roof and about 10 homes were also damaged in the small town.

Joe Hanson lives across the road from the bowling club.

"The tornado or waterspout or whatever it was it cut across through the dunes, across the bowling club, took the roof, then went into a couple of houses across the main street of Red Rock and lifted the roof off one of those houses," Mr Hanson said.

"That's a brand new house so they've lost their roof. Just left a path of destruction, so pretty full on. Yeah, it was intense."

Another resident, Sue Miller, says the weather had already been atrocious.

"We had torrential rain all night and then all of a sudden it got extremely extremely heavy and we heard loud bangs and minor explosive things happening and then realised that roofs had been taken off houses," Ms Miller said.

"It was just getting light and in fact as soon as it happened everything went quite quiet and the rain virtually stopped. It was quite eerie for a bit there."

Dennis Houghton, from the State Emergency Service, says communities at Sandy Beach, Emerald Beach and Woolgoolga were also hit hard.

"From fairly substantial roof damage through to general roof damage in areas around Woolgoolga and Corindi, and also a lot of water damage, where we're doing a lot of sandbagging at the moment," Mr Houghton said.

"Normally the area does OK in heavy rain, but when we get extremely strong winds with that, that's when we tend to get significant damage."

There are no reported injuries from the storm.
Quelle: http://www.abc.net.au/" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Ganz sicher scheint mir der Fall aber nicht. Und zum Ausdruck "mini-..." schreibe ich mal lieber nichts.

Grüße, Thomas Sävert
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