07.05.2009 Madison / Alabama

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07.05.2009 Madison / Alabama

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Tornado Victim Finds Comfort Inside Shelter
Tornado Victim: "It's just totally overwhelming. There are trees everywhere. My God, I've never seen so many trees!"

Venton Blandin Reporter

May 6, 2009
Madison - Several people were impacted by the tornado that ripped through the city of Madison. One of them is a mother of two who's now spending the night at a shelter.
Her name is Lisa Long. She lives in the Madison Havens apartment complex. It's just one of the many areas slammed by a tornado.
The twister put Long out of her apartment.
"There is a tree sticking out of my apartment. Now it is cut down, but I've got a hole in it. So, much for it not being a big deal," said Lisa Long.
The mother of two says she's heard of things like this happening, but still can't believe it after seeing it with her own eyes.
"It's just totally overwhelming. There are trees everywhere. My God, I've never seen so many trees," added Long.
Long and her daughter left their apartment about an hour before the tornado hit. She's grateful neither of them were there when it did.
"I could have been getting into my car. I mean, I would not be here right now. Those trees that feel are huge.
The foundation Long call's home is unstable for now. The same goes for the mother who's concerned with caring for her kids.

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Ein Frosch der im Brunnen lebt,
beurteilt das Ausmaß des Himmels
nach dem Brunnenrand.


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