07.05.2009 Qutbreak North Carolina

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07.05.2009 Qutbreak North Carolina

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Residents across North Carolina are cleaning up after tornados swept through the state Tuesday. There were no reported deaths, but officials say there were some minor injuries and property damage in multiple counties in the Triangle area and along the coast. Six tornados touched down in Johnston, Wake, Wilson and Nash counties. One of Tuesday's tornados touched down right by the Antioch Fire Department. "We could see debris field up in the air with rotation," Fire Chief Kendall Hocutt said. "We watched it to the point where we felt like we had to take some cover, so we took cover." Hocutt said 15 homes in the area sustained minor damage, while six homes were damaged so severely that those families won't be able to live in them. In Wilson County, strong storms did extensive damage to Rock Ridge, N.C. The area is located near Highway 42 just west of Interstate 95. Gordon Deno, from Wilson County Emergency Management, said about eight to 10 homes were damaged, some severely. Six families were also impacted, and Red Cross officials said they're ready to help anyone in need of shelter. Homeowners said they were shocked by the damage. In the Charlotte region, heavy rains associated with the storm caused a number of flash floods. Firefighters responded to about 200 incidents in a three-hour timeframe and conducted at least 50 water rescues during the peak of the storm.

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