11.04.2009 South Carolina / Allendale County

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11.04.2009 South Carolina / Allendale County

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By Joey Sovine
Published: April 11, 2009

A day after severe weather swept through the southeast and now confirmation of at least 2 tornadoes in South Carolina. The National Weather Service office in Charleston has confirmed two tornadoes touched down in Allendale County.

The first tornado touched down at 12:26 Saturday Morning just a couple miles northwest of Martin. The tornado traveled roughly 1.2 miles before lifting. This tornado was responsible for significant tree damage but no structures were damaged. This tornado was determined to be an EF 1 on the Enhanced Fujita Scale with winds estimated to be around 100 mph.

The second tornado was the strongest and caused the most significant damage. This tornado was determined to be an EF 2 on the Enhanced Fujuita scale. Winds were estimated to be between 120 and 130 mph.

The tornado touched down along Roberts Road about 3.5 miles northeast of Martin at 12:30 Saturday morning. This tornado traveled 5.6 miles before lifting. Numerous trees were uprooted and snapped in half. A tree fell on a mobile home and caused damage to a roof. After that the tornado grew to over 500 yards wide where it completely destroyed the historic Cave Methodist Church. The church was completely wiped off of its foundation. Several grave stones surrounding the church were overturned and knocked down. An 18 wheel truck was overturned a couple hundred feet away from Cave Methodist Church.

In total there were 4 homes, a mobile home, church and five vehicles that received damage during this tornado. In addition, hundred of acres of timber were damaged or destroyed.

The tornado did not result in any injuries of fatalities.

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