[Tornado] 06.12.2014 - Scarness (Queensland, Australien)

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[Tornado] 06.12.2014 - Scarness (Queensland, Australien)

Beitrag von Thomas Sävert » Samstag 6. Dezember 2014, 06:39

Hallo zusammen,

gleich mehrere Tornados wurden an der Nordostküste Australiens beobachtet:
Waterspouts, heavy rainfall cause damage in Hervey Bay in south-east Queensland
By Nicole Madden and Jessica van Vonderen

Updated 17 minutes agoSat 6 Dec 2014, 6:19am
Fence damaged by storm in Hervey Bay Photo: Fence damaged by wild weather in Hervey Bay. (Audience submitted)
Photo: Fence damaged by wild weather in Hervey Bay. (Audience Submitted: Scott Gilchrist)
Map: Hervey Bay 4655

There are reports of damage from waterspouts and heavy rainfall in Hervey Bay, in south-east Queensland, as a severe thunderstorm warning is issued for parts of the state.

The Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) reported severe thunderstorms were likely to produce damaging winds, heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding and large hailstones over the next several hours in the Herbert and Lower Burdekin and parts of the Northern Goldfields and Upper Flinders districts.

Further south, severe thunderstorms are likely to produce damaging winds and heavy rainfall that may lead to flash flooding over the next several hours in parts of the Wide Bay and Burnett district.

Locations which may be affected include Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Fraser Island, Hervey Bay Waters, Maryborough and the town of 1770.

The warning was posted about 1.20pm (AEST).

In Hervey Bay, the damage was confined to the area around Boat Harbour Dr and Denmans Camps Rd, according to local councillor Darren Everard.

Tyson David Stephens was at work at Enzo's on the Beach on the Esplanade at Scarness when he spotted three waterspouts offshore.

"It looked like a mini tornado ... it went from the cloud to the water," Mr Stephens said.

"One popped up and a couple of minutes later it went down and another popped up right next to it maybe 15 to 20 metres away.

"About 20 minutes later a third one popped up around the same area where they were ... then that went away.

"It didn't look threatening at all from where I was sitting... but it was quite a fair distance away."

Hervey Bay resident Don Price said an old shed that had been de-roofed earlier had now been squashed.

"There was metal all over that as well," he said.

"I assume something of some force has hit it.

"It's pretty much been flattened."

Hervey Bay has received more than 46mm of rain since 9am.
Qulle: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2014-12-06/w ... ay/5949080

Grüße, Thomas Sävert
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