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[Tornado] 23.11.2013 - Guyra (NSW, Australien)

Verfasst: Sonntag 24. November 2013, 03:38
von Thomas Sävert
Hallo zusammen,

dieser Fall ereignete sich in einer dünn besiedelten Gegend, es wurde aber ein Haus voll getroffen:
Tornado rips roof off house in Guyra, north-eastern NSW
By Jacqueline Breen

Updated 11 hours 55 minutes ago
Tornado rips off roof in NSW Photo: Several homes in the area have significant damage. (Twitter: NSWRFS)
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Map: Guyra 2365

At least one home has been destroyed by a tornado in north-eastern New South Wales, after severe thunderstorms lashed large parts of the state on Saturday night.

Damaging winds and rain kept the State Emergency Service busy, with 179 calls for help.

Alexander Martin was on his porch in Guyra, near Armidale, when a tornado hit around 4:00pm.

He says the storm ripped trees from the ground and that his 70-year-old neighbour was lucky to escape unhurt.

"All of a sudden [there was] this roaring, like an express train going through, and we went out on to our patio and looked and we could see debris flying about in the air.

"Our neighbour lives about 800 yards away from us, and it took her house and sheds out.

"The house has been totally wrecked and apparently she put a pillow over her head and got in the lounge room."

SES spokesman Todd Burns says the home's occupants and nearby residents were lucky to escape injury.

"It's fairly sparsely populated out there and the tornado was fairly localised and didn't last for long, so at this stage it looks like just that one house that sustained that sort of damage."

A spokesman for the NSW Rural Fire Service says there are a number of homes near Guyra that have minor damage and some with major damage.

There are no reports of injuries. The State Emergency Service called in extra volunteers to help residents in the area.

There were reports of minor flash-flooding and some hail from the mid-north coast up and across to the north-west slopes and plains.

Lismore, Byron Bay and towns in the surrounding were affected as a large storm system moved across the state.
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Grüße, Thomas Sävert

Re: [Tornado] 23.03.2013 - Guyra (NSW, Australien)

Verfasst: Montag 25. November 2013, 07:06
von Hessen_Tornado
[Tornado] 23.11.2013 - Guyra (NSW, Australien)
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Re: [Tornado] 23.03.2013 - Guyra (NSW, Australien)

Verfasst: Montag 25. November 2013, 09:25
von Thomas Sävert
Hessen_Tornado hat geschrieben:
[Tornado] 23.11.2013 - Guyra (NSW, Australien)
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Habs korrigiert, Danke für den Hinweis.

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