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Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Mittwoch 27. Februar 2013, 10:00
von Tomáš Prouza
Hello everyone!

As I have noticed, nothing was written about stormchasing and amateur weather observations in Czech republic yet. Now it is time to change the matter. Although I understand German well (learned more than 5 years in secondary school), so I don't have problem with reading other posts, I would prefer to write and answer in English

Now I would like to introduce you Amateur Meteorological Society - citizens association (it is equivalent to German e.V.) - also known as AMS or "Amatérská meteorologická společnost" in Czech. Our Society was established in May 2012, after being oficially registered by Ministry of Interior.

In the scope of our Society, three formerly independent projects are now cooperating - Skywarn CzechoSlovakia (storm prediction - founded 2006), Amateur Stormchasing Society (storm chasing and storm spotting, storm observation evaluation - founded 2005) and Amateur Meteorology in Czech republic (large weather forum with special focus on amateur weather stations - founded 2005). Our Society is oficially cooperating with Czech Hydrometeorological Institute (tornado database, supercell database, storm observations, annual worshop). Two of us are members of ESTOFEX.

Unfortunately, all our webpages are only in Czech, but it couldn't be such a problem in the age of web translators like Google translator...

Official webpage of Amateur Meteorological Society -" onclick=";return false;
Official webpage of Skywarn CzechoSlovakia -" onclick=";return false;
Official webpage of Amateur Stormchasing Society -" onclick=";return false;

We are operating or are participating in following projects:

- database of storm observations
- observation of supercells and forming the database of supercell occurence in CZ and neighbouring countries
- cloud to ground lightnings occurence and their interaction with Earth surface
- Transient Luminous Events observations

Our Society can offer you following webpages or web products:" onclick=";return false; - radar images of Czech republic and surrounding areas using Google Maps" onclick=";return false; - radar application for iPhone (same areas as above)" onclick=";return false; - radar application for Android (same areas as above)" onclick=";return false; - MSG images viewer" onclick=";return false; - soundings viewer (Czech and nearest foreign stations - 4 in Germany)" onclick=";return false; - data from CHMI stations in diagrams" onclick=";return false; - storm observation database (488 observations so far)" onclick=";return false; - observers database" onclick=";return false; - supercells database" onclick=";return false; - tornado database hosted in cooperation with CHMI

Planned activities for 2013:

- improving our contribution to ESWD
- debugging storm observation database (adding quality check system similar to ESWD)
- continuing in our projects (TLE, CG lightnings, supercells)
- improving our main website

You can contact us on:

IRC channel:" onclick=";return false;
Facebook:" onclick=";return false;

As Germany is our only western neighbour - and western flow is prevailing in central Europe (it means majority of severe weather event is coming from west), I could be useful to establish some kind of cooperation between ours societies. You will be welcome on our IRC channel in case you would like to share informations/photo/video about weather events, especially those which are taking place in CZ/DE border areas - and vice versam we will gladly share same informations with you (eg. in past there were many supercellar events in the area of Saxony, Erzgebirge and north Bohemia).

If you have any questions, I am ready to answer them - or you can find on IRC under nickname Verthandi (use" onclick=";return false; to connect)

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Mittwoch 27. Februar 2013, 11:36
von Axel F.
Hello Tomás, welcome to our board.

Thanks for your introduction here in our board. Some of us, mostly the saxon members, always use your sites and fantastic tools for chasing, verifying events and forecasts for some years.
Especially the knowledge an data portals,, with aladin are fantastic instruments to explore and discover the (sever) weather in the borderland Bohemia/Saxon.

I´m glad to know, that the czech (and slovakian) chasers and spotters are organized.
I hope, we can work together in the future. As exemple the supercell of may24th in 2010. This cell was born in the south of Brandenburg and was drawing over Saxon, Northbohemia and we "lost" it at near your home in the region of Trutnov (Krkonose-Broumovski). Look here ( ... 9&start=15" onclick=";return false;)

I live near Pirna (30 km to Usti .L.) and near Bautzen (35km to Rumburk and 60km to Liberec). From may to september I´m often go in Jizerske Hory or Cesky Rai at weekend. fantastic nature, famous beer, best czech cooking and your relaxed way of life, that feels good to me. :up:

I wrote your contact data, you can contact me (us) in this board, or with the email function or contact datas in our profiles her. So is sever weather we will praktice this

(sorry for my little saxony coloured english :wink:)

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Mittwoch 27. Februar 2013, 12:20
von Tomáš Prouza
Hi Axel,

thanks for reception. I am glad that some of our products/articles are useful even abroad. We hope our cooperation with CHMI will succesfully continue in future, despite some problems caused by budget cuts set by government (eg. still delayed exchange of old and more defective radar facilities. This was one of reasons, why administration of "tornadic websites" were transferred from CHMI to our Society (with CHMI still ensuring their correctness).

Our next task was to establish connections with similar organisations abroad. It seems there in not organised community in Slovakia, as many Slovaks are co-working with us. Maybe its better way - anyway weather doesn't respect frontiers (well, in some cases seems, that Bohemian "Kessel" has its specific weather with its mountaineous borders...) and most of us is so old, that we don't recognize each other as "other nation". We began to cooperate with Polish PLB some 2 years ago, especially through IRC we share data and observations / post event assesment (one of reasons was, I am living near CZ/PL border). Now I decided to move our attention further west :wink:

Does SW DE use some kind of IRC channel? I found one, but unfortunately I cant log in, as I am banned (shared IP sometimes sucks :evil:)

P.S. I have been in Germany only once (what a shame :twisted:), we spent a week sailing on Baltics - from Kiel to Eckernförde and Kappeln to Danish isles (Sönderborg, Faaborg, Marstal). It was really exhilarating experience for me, who never saw (nor sailed) sea before :D

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Mittwoch 27. Februar 2013, 22:50
von Cumulus Humilis
Hello and welcome Tomáš,

I think it's a very good idea to cooperate for weather does not care about frontiers, as you said!

We don't use IRC, yet. The primary board for "official" communication and information is this forum. However, we also use Twitter and Facebook to publish severe weather reports and other actual information. There are also chats on Skype from time to time. If you like to get the reports of our advanced spotters immediately you can subscibe to the mailing list. However, actually it is not possible to make a selection (region, type of severe weather event, etc.), so you always get each report from all over Germany. But anyway, there are plans to find more ways to spread and create reports in future. Even to and from beyond our neighbour's borders if there is an interest in cooperation. So, your ideas and suggestions are very welcome.


Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Donnerstag 28. Februar 2013, 11:31
von Tomáš Prouza
Hello Andreas!

For publishing informations and communication within our community we are primarily using forum board at All the articles about undertaken chases or about stormspotting are published on website. We began to use IRC 3 years ago, in order to reduce number of "trash posts" on forum (eg. disputes about forecasts and informations with "zero value". I can say now - it was successfull: forum topics are now consisting only from first forecast post and following observation reports related to specified event. Sure - discussion is not curtailed, but amount of useless posts was greatly reduced.

So main purpose of IRC is instant communication and sharing informations in case of severe weather event (at the peak of season we had about 115 users online at one time). In "quiet periods" - like in winter - it is used as common chat and for solving internal affairs (we have even non-public channel).

Twitter will be tested this year for the first time. We would like to use it mainly for transferring informations from chases, as its quick way how to share short info or photo.

Facebook was used since 2010, but it undertook major change in autumn 2012. As Society was established, we decided to merge all single pages (especially A.S.S. and SkyWarn CS) into new one, so AMSos page (" onclick=";return false;) was founded and former ones abandoned and deleted later. New page now consists of forecasts (not only of severe weather), weather observations and common discussion (not related only with meteorology - we like to watch the sky further than to troposphere, so astronomical topics are common too :))

One of our plans for the future is to create some system of quicker response of spotters - maybe we will discuss it with CHMI at our workshop in July. Present observation database seems to be working well, but its still "delayed evaluation", rather than immediate report.

P.S. Thanks for advice, I have just subscribed :wink:

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Sonntag 28. April 2013, 10:33
von Tomáš Prouza
Hi everyone,

27th April 2013 was expected to bring some interesting storms into CZ due to favorable conditions - and it really happened. We had 2 confirmed supercells - both by surface observations and radar (doppler) measurements. First of the SCs pictured here:" onclick=";return false; - occured in NE Bohemia near town Litomyšl 13:35 UTC (then moved further to Poland and dispersed). Second one occured in SW Bohemia near Písek 15:30 UTC - moving NE - this one was chased too and results are evaluated just now (funnel spotted).

Forum page about this event: ... 622#p23622" onclick=";return false; (will be updated in next hours and days)

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Montag 6. Mai 2013, 09:24
von Tomáš Prouza

On 5th May 2013 observation of funnel cloud was reported in the vicinity of town Chrudim (E Bohemia). ... 050513.jpg - photo taken by Tomáš Kopecký near Chrudim (direction to southwest) at 16:39 CEST (14:39 UTC). There is faintly visible funnel in the middle of picture.

Later we found this photo on Facebook - ... 6039_n.jpg" onclick=";return false;. It should be taken (same day/time) in vicinity of Seč (town 16 km SW of Chrudim). We are trying to obtain more informations about source of picture.

Possible contact of funnel with surface not confirmed.

Re: Amateur Meteorological Society - Czech republic

Verfasst: Samstag 31. August 2013, 18:07
von Tomáš Prouza
Website dedicated to tornadoes and associated phenomena in Czech republic -" onclick=";return false; has just been re-launched with new content and design. Now it is really operated in cooperation of CHMI and AMS.

Cases of 2013 should be added till the end of year (we reported 2 tornadoes - one unconfirmed - and about 27 funnels into ESWD) - if we got enough evidence for them.